Q.How is Cykxtees pronounced?

A.It's pronounced Sixties.


Q.What is the origin of the name 'Cykxtees'?

A.The humble beginnings were really a couple of dozens
screens for T-shirt printing. The name 'cykx' is from the
parent company and 'tees' for T-shirts, but also with a
much bigger meaning that if the label expands into
clothing down the line, it will be highly influenced by
the pop movement or culture of the sixties decade.


Q.Where are the Cykxtees lines manufactured?

A.All the lines are made here in the USA and in the UK.


Q.What is the vision or aim of the brand?

A.The whole idea behind the brand, every design of every
item is to apply style, quality and creativeness, kind of a
freshness that has a ingenious cutting edge and also a
popular as well as alternative appeal to it.


Q.Is that what 'the creative brand' really means?

A.Exactly. Well we are also our worst critics and on that
premise no product is put out which has not been
intensely through a filter of standards that we set for
ourselves and that we are constantly challenged by,
practically, on a daily basis. One of the main tenets to
follow, in order to stay creative, is to steer
completely away from the mainstream. We have not seen
one tiny bone of creativity in the mainstream for a very
long time. Probably the last it was practiced, or maybe we
should say happened, was in the cultural movement
triggered by the British Invasion of the Sixties. It could
also have been so fresh, revolutionary and impacting in
terms of global reach because it was a first.


Q.What is the typical Cykxtees costumer?

A.Interesting teens highly interested and inquisitive about
music not necessarily only of their generation but others
as well, the musician types, rock bands, and the creative
community whether interested in old times, present time or

Q.How many lines do you show the public in a year?

A.About 4 extensive lines a year consisting of at least a
hundred pieces each.


Q.What is the future for Cykxtees?

A.Pretty much what it has been for over a decade, solid
and consistent, persistently creative and very much like
a songwriter waiting for the inspiration to put the parts
together into a song, likewise we're constantly collecting
detail to put in our next piece or pieces.


Q.How long has Cykxtees been around?

A.The company was created in the summer of 1988
existing only on paper and files, designs, sketches
and illustrations. We were working 16 to 20 hour days
with lots of tea, coffee, ice cream, smoke filled with
incense and a cigarette habit of 4 packs a day and the
the reflective words and music of David Sylvian's
"Gone to Earth" on a repeat mode. Cykxtees the brand
premiered in the fall of that same year.

Q.Do you remember the label's first hit or breakthrough?

A.O yeah, very well as a matter of fact because it was such
An instand big hit it was truly phenomenon. This was the
first pirate shirt frilly and bellowy. Cykxtees was the first
RnR Gothic company to introduce it in white and black to
the American mass market and the rest has been, like they
say, history.